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The Marin Center for Independent Living (Marin CIL) was organized by a group of dedicated volunteers in 1979, following the world changing movement for disability rights begun next door in Berkeley in the 1960s. Ed Roberts, together with several other quadriplegic students, called for the opening of the University of California-Berkeley to students with disabilities, and the first curb cuts and ramps were born.

In 1972, the first Center for Independent Living was founded by disability activists, led by Ed Roberts, in Berkeley, California. Ed Roberts went on to lead the Department of Rehabilitation in Sacramento, and Independent Living Centers began to proliferat from coast to coast. In California, twenty-eight counties have Independent Living Centers that are united in the powerful statewide organization, the California Foundation of Independent Living Centers. All of this was, without exaggeration, the precursor of the passage, a little over a decade later, of one of the most important pieces of social legislation in the history of the United States: the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This is our proud history.

“Working toward our
  preferred future.”

- Ed Roberts

Pioneer Disability
Rights Advocate