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Recycled power wheelchair enhances quality of life.

by Roland Rouda, Marin CIL

Recycled wheelchair

The wife of a frail, elderly man called recently, asking if she could borrow a power wheelchair from Marin CIL's recycled medical equipment inventory. Her husband, coping with severe neuropathy, would not have access to his power wheelchair for an indefinite repair period. During this time, however, the wife would be undergoing breast cancer surgery and would be unable to push her husband's manual wheelchair. We had a recycled power wheelchair without batteries available and helped the family locate a local medical equipment company that had the required replacement batteries in stock. The consumer's son picked up the unit at MCIL and obtained the necessary batteries from the resource we recommended.

Months later, while disembarking a jet in San Francisco, I was approached by the pilot, who turned out to be the consumer's son. He had recognized me and beamed as he shook my hand. With continued enthusiasm, he indicated that his family's ability to handle the stress they were contending with during this difficult period was in no small way due to the recycled power wheelchair we had provided.