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“…Larry would be re-entering his community and work life…”

by Lana Kennings

Lana and Larry Kennings

Lana & Larry Kennings

When my husband became suddenly disabled last year due to an epidural abscess on his cervical spinal cord, resulting in a complete paralysis, we were completely overwhelmed when faced with the task of finding the right care for him when he was finally released from the hospital. Additionally, we were faced with having to remodel some of the features in the house (the bathroom, for instance) in order to accommodate someone who could not utilize facilities in a normal home environment.

“Without the support and service of the care partner we received through the Marin Center for Independent Living, I truly do not think Larry would be re-entering his community and work life as independently as he is now!”

I had called a number of resources in Marin County, but it wasn’t until I contacted the Marin Center for Independent Living that we got the help and appropriate referrals we needed to face this daunting task. The staff with the Personal Assistant Registry was knowledgeable, helpful, kind and supportive as we worked through the process of finding the right care partner to work with Larry. I described the kind of temperament and skill that we were hoping to hire, and we were provided with a listing of carefully screened care partners. We were very impressed with the caliber of people to whom we were referred, and we are thrilled with the excellent man who has worked with Larry. His skill is excellent and he and Larry have truly bonded…it will be hard to give him up!

It was also wonderful that other staff gave me referrals for the bath remodel, as well as whom to call for assistance to ready the home for a handicapped person. The Marin Center for Independent Living was the only agency who could help me with literally all of my needs. It was such a joy to be able to get all my answers from one resource. When families are faced with a newly disabled person, the shock alone is enough to deal with – having to then prepare for a return to home and community is another significant hurdle. The Marin Center for Independent Living has been an invaluable resource for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!