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“Greg's biggest fear is ending up in a nursing home.”

by Jan Papedo

Greg and Jan Papedo

Greg & Jan Papedo

Greg had been a practicing psychologist for thirty years when he started getting sick back in 2001. He couldn’t catch his breath and his blood pressure medications were not working. Following what appeared to be a successful artery bypass operation in August, he suffered a massive stroke and his left side was paralyzed, accompanied with some short term memory loss and left side visual deficits.

“Greg's biggest fear is ending up in a nursing home. Stimulation is essential to his quality of life and the potential for maximizing that in his home environment is much greater.”

Suddenly we were thrown into a new and very overwhelming situation. At first we needed 24 hour a day assistance and we had a number of bad experiences with our search for personal attendants. One individual claimed to be a driver, but it turned out they had a suspended license. Even though I am a Clinical Nurse Specialist with professional interviewing skills, it was very difficult to determine (let alone have the time to determine) what was really true about the people applying to assist Greg. The private agencies we used were very expensive, the personal assistants would change all of the time, and the skill level was not always what the agency said it was.

Marin Home Healthcare referred us to the Marin Center for Independent Living. The best thing about the Personal Assistant Registry is the screening they do of the personal assistants. All of the people we have used through their Registry are reliable and their skill level is what they have said.

As my work day can take me away from the house for twelve hours daily, the Personal Assistant Registry has lead us to several people we were satisfied to have in our home for that period of time. They were all individuals who were not simply looking for a place to stay, nor a paycheck, but have been honest career professionals with the requisite skill level.