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Institutionalization was avoided for elderly woman.

by Roland Rouda, Marin CIL

Elderly woman

An overweight, frail, elderly resident was unable to walk and was without attendant care at various times during the day. She had fallen frequently while attempting to transfer from her wheelchair to her bed and back again. Local fire department and emergency rescuers were being called upon to intervene several times a month to help the woman. It appeared that she would be forced to move into a skilled nursing facility, which she did not want to do.

During an assessment, we discovered that her once-reliable conventional transfer board was inadequate. We paid for a skilled safety evaluation at her residence (a frequent benefit of our AT program), resulting in the recommendation and provision of an extra-wide, extra-reinforced transfer board. This woman is now able to transfer without falling, and is grateful for this simple, low-tech form of assistive technology. Most importantly, she has kept her independence at home in the community.